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Are you looking for a digital medium to access and save your patient’s medical details? Well, Ion Eight Technologies is here to help you by developing EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software, so that you can improve your patient’s clinical outcomes without sacrificing your practice efficiency. EMR is a digital version of paper-based record of a patient within a single facility like at physician clinic, dentist or doctor’s office.

  •  Safe, secure and cost effective medical record system.
  •  Display patient’s data in customizable and user friendly way.
  •  Monitor and improve Patient Management
  •  Track Data overtime
  •  Perfect for single diagnosis and treatment

It’s not easy to share the information store in EMR software with other healthcare providers than your own. In that case, you may either take printout of patient’s data & deliver to the members of care team OR you can opt in for our EHR software for permanent and better solution.

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