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Health Care IT

Today Healthcare industry faces more challenges than ever before. With maintaining regulatory compliances, healthcare businesses are becoming more organized and focus on reducing operational costs. With many businesses offering affordable health care, it becomes necessity to streamline the operations and thus achieving the optimum outputs in terms of medical quality and productivity.

Ion Eight excellence lies in providing Healthcare IT services with leading quality and global experience. We have expertise in interface development and implementation as per HIPPA guidelines and HL7 standards. We help, from small physician to large hospitals, to improve clinical & financial outcomes.

Why do you need Healthcare IT solution?

  •  Be a part of Federal government health IT incentive program by fulfilling the regulatory compliances.
  •  Reduce overall healthcare costs by improving operational efficiency.
  •  Enhance your healthcare quality, productivity and accuracy.
  •  Prevent errors by streamlining your workflow by eliminating or reducing paper work.
  •  Easy real-time communication between healthcare professionals. Single view of patient’s data, eliminating transferring of data through multiple systems.
  •  Improve your administrative efficiencies by reducing unproductive or idle time of the staff.

Why us?

  •  Ion Eight has trained resources for implementation of general health care applications which includes EMRs, EHRs for clinicians and ambulatory care management systems & PACS systems for Hospitals.
  •  Ion Eight has a team of experienced healthcare professionals that work in compliance to Healthcare Standards such as HIPAA, EDIFACT, OHIP and HCAI.
  •  Ion Eight can help in staffing (Onsite/Offshore) and train local staff for healthcare applications.
  •  Ion Eight has expertise in implementation of Laboratory interfaces and analysis of Laboratory data.
  •  Ion Eight has an experienced team of Interface Analysts who can prepare HL7 specifications for Laboratory interface for integration with EHR(s).

Our experience with electronic medical records (EMR) systems helps providers streamline administrative and internal processes. Our experience in developing healthcare IT solutions includes:

  •  EMR
  •  EHR (Electronic Medical/EHR Record)
  •  Health Information Management (HIM)
  •  Practice Management
  •  Home Care & Assisted Living Solutions
  •  HL7
  •  HIE
  •  HealthCare CRM.
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