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Mobile website enhances the website’s reach to another half of the world when majority of people use smartphones for browsing

Half of the world’s mobile users are using Smartphones for browsing new products and services. Mobile phones have made a permanent place in everyone’s life. Your presence on the mobile web has become prominent in the growth and development of your business.Both online and offline enterprises can take advantage of this huge marketplace too. Ion Eight Technologies thus promotes the need of mobile websites wherein the URL is specifically chosen keeping in mind the mobile users and the website is optimized accordingly.

We Helps You to Implement the Most Suitable Mobile Solutions

The survey charts and statistics on Internet access via mobile, have always shown an upward trajectory, with so many people using their mobile phones to access Internet for different reasons.


The qualified and well-experienced team of Ion Eight Tech helps in increasing the exposureof your website on mobile devices. If your business doesn’t have a mobile friendly website, then you are losing business to those who have it. You are becoming out-dated.It is difficult for the user to go though the whole content and finding the right navigation on the mobile device if we offer the same website on the mobile as on the laptops. A mobile website crafted by our experienced web developers gives ‘to the point’ information that is easily readable on mobile web browsers.

We provide 24 x 7 services to all those businesses that want to adapt mobile marketing with a reasonable start-up budget and integrate that with their business strategy. We develop a mobile website for your business that will provide you the best platform to start with mobile marketing. We create websites that involve suitable user interaction and work on tailor-made functionalities.

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