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Offshore Staffing

Offshore staffing refers to the full-time or long-run recruitment of IT professionals for the on-going needs of your business. You can engage personnel who are already employed with us for your specific project or needs for a specific duration until the completion of your project. This strategy is economical and less time consuming. Offshore staffing services provided by Ion Eight Technologies can save you extra costs and time that otherwise you can spend on setting up the infrastructure and managingyour business.

Our professionals are dedicated to help you in attaining immediate and long term goals with utmost ease, leaving the competition far behind. Customer satisfaction and security is our first priority. We protect your copyrights on your work, your ideas and source codes.

Finding & recruiting the right professional is our specialty!

Recruiting the right person to join your team can make a great difference between success and failure. Finding and placing the right web developers, web designers, PHP developers and .NET developers for your projects, is the specialty of our staff augmentation team. Our team comprises of experienced IT professionals and talented recruiters, who are passionately working on an industry leading strategy to provide you precisely the talent you require. Our resources are certified in key technologies and work with you on-site or remote, depending on your requirement.

Here's how we are the best from the rest!


1. Economical service

Our offshore recruitment services will definitely lower down the costs of personnel recruitment and product development. Using our services, you can save up to 70 % of your project expenses.

2. Setting up short Term Contracts

We offer you the flexibility to utilize our offshore resources to work on your projects, specifically as per your needs and budget.

3. Providing the Best Talent

We have expertise in this field of offshore IT staffing. Our personnel are updated with the latest technology and they know how to tackle with the adverse situations you face during a project.

Simplest & most efficient offshore staffing services

We focus on finding the simplest and most efficient ways to solve problems you face in your business. We have a well-organized system and dedicated workforce that makes it easy for companies to work and deliver projects on time. We are committed towards creating classic solutions and services for our clients.

Looking for an effective offshore staffing service? You are at the right place! Avail our services now to get the best offshore recruitment for your company.

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