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Saas/Cloud Application Development

Maximizing business potentials

SAAS (Software-as-a-services) is a delivery model that is evolving as an exclusively new platform for transforming traditional business practices into online form, making it more persuasive. SAAS delivery strategy is not only leveraging business with operational excellence but also benefitting them with improved processes and performance.

This industry based software delivery hitherto is characterized by high scalability and interoperability. SAAS development is providing a perfect chance for small and medium scale enterprises to achieve their targets with a low TCO and rapid implementation.

With this, enterprise can be made available on a single instance and multiple tendency architecture. Some of the signification properties of this Cloud Computing model are performance, integration, security, non-net native technology and high customization. These features are increasing the sustainability and acceptability of a business over a cloud model.

Multi-tenancy SAAS & Cloud computing business applications


Ion Eight Technologies is efficient to develop SAAS applications and online marketing software for businesses with enhancements on on-going ASP hosted software & applications. Our solutions are easy to upgrade and deployed over the consumer-demand Computing model. Here network and other cloud computing resources are provided as PAYG. They have emerged as a powerful tool for stakeholders and enterprises to cross the hurdles of the competitive world of WWW. The main driving forces of cloud development are low TCO, improvements in services and rapid implementation.

SAAS – An integrated platform for businesses

Our SAAS integration platforms (SIPs) for your business are able to act as a business expanding platform and business transformation platform. These integrated platforms of SAAS are based on Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management. SAAS has the potential of enabling businesses to utilize flexible, scalable and secure workflows with improved management visibility and Service Level Agreement for proactive Operational risk management and sales process monitoring.

Businesses can leverage on our expertise as a solution provider of SAAS based applications with cost effective & efficient performance.