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Staff Agumentation

For recruiting new IT experts for a project or for assisting during high demand, Ion Eight Technologies quickly provides the well-skilled and experienced IT professionals. In addition to this, we can even provide you an entire team of IT experts with right skills, knowledge and experience. From technical analysts to web developers, software engineers to application developers, database managers to technical writers, our highly trained IT consultants are always available to assist you with short term and long term projects.

Finding & recruiting the right professional is our specialty!

Recruiting the right person to join your team can make a great difference between success and failure. Finding and placing the right web developers, web designers, PHP developers and .NET developers for your projects, is the specialty of our staff augmentation team. Our team comprises of experienced IT professionals and talented recruiters, who are passionately working on an industry leading strategy to provide you precisely the talent you require. Our resources are certified in key technologies and work with you on-site or remote, depending on your requirement.


Economical and Comprehensive staffing services!

Our vertical is perfect to hire a dedicated and skilled team of IT staff to bring efficacy in the work process of your company. We are perfect IT staffing solution for those companies who don’t want to go through the hectic process of staffing and placement. By using our staff augmentation services, your business will be benefitted in lot of ways. We can provide you the right resources when you need them the most. Contact us anytime to get the most economical and comprehensive staff augmentation services for your company. Leverage our innovative approach of recruiting talent with experience and make large profits in the competitive market of today.

Contact us to learn how our IT staffing solutions can help your company gain a competitive edge by leveraging our innovative approach to attracting and retaining top talent.

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