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UI/UX Design

Ion Eight has a dedicated team of UI/UX experts engaged in designing graphic user interfaces for the Internet, Extranets and Intranets. Our GUI designs are created with the concept of being user centric and task oriented, ensuring the absolute rhythm and pace of human response. This allows hassle-free navigation through incorporated applications and make certain that application forms and reports efficiently convey information to the user.

A powerful Web design can be created with a blend of talent and functionality. Merged with our deliberate planning, and apparent understanding of building graphic user interfaces, the course sets the attitude of a persistent chase for distinction.

We follow a defined set of methodology to give users an amazing GUI experience:

  •   Complete interface and usability evaluation of websites and web applications
  •   Congregate user needs and carry out user and task analysis
  •  Design the apt user interface for applications
  •   Design Internet, Extranets, and Intranet Sites and pages
  •   Develop interface design guides for the assistance of developers
  •  Drift from mainframes, DOS, or Windows to current, in-demand interface styles
  •   Define and document product interface specifications
  •  Analyze the performance by testing Design and products with users
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